About Us

GO FORWARD is a textile design and production company creating limited and open editioned textiles to raise funds and awareness for genetic research, as well as patient and survivor support for those touched with cancer.



All textiles are based on larger art exhibitions at museums and galleries by Geraldine Ondrizek, a research based Artist and Professor of Art at Reed College in Portland, Oregon.

Our designs are available for purchase online, and can also be purchased as part of fundraising inititiatives for cancer and genetic research.  Our partners receive wholesale pricing on all textiles with proceeds from retail sales contributed to your cause of choice.

Collaboration on new designs

Geraldine Ondrizek frequently collaborates with research teams to create new work dedicated to the questions of life’s origins, life cycles, and ethical issues related to genetics and the possibility to unravel genetic conditions.

We look for partnership opportunities to create new designs for organizations seeking to increase awareness and funds for cancer research, genetic research and awareness.

Partner Opportunities

If you are interested in collaborating to develop a new textile line to promote awareness for a specific cancer or genetic disorder, please contact us.

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