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University of Washington

GO FORWARD is pleased to partner with Robin Bennett, Senior Genetic Counselor and Co-Director of the Genetic Medicine Clinics, and the Division of Medical Genetics at the University of Washington.

Robin Bennett is one of the most prominent genetic counselors in the nation.  She pioneers genetic counseling practices that have become standard worldwide and teaches human genetics at the University of Washington Medical School.

In 2009, Bennett and curator, Genevieve Tremblay, initiated and facilitated the public commission of artwork by Geraldine Ondrizek for the Department of Medical Genetics 50th anniversary, as well as creation of the  limited editions of Chromosome 17 scarves to raise funds for cancer research at the University of Washington.

Subsequently, in 2011, Ondrizek, Bennett and Tremblay collaborated to develop the exhibition, Chromosome Painting, at the Kirkland Art Center. The exhibition also included the development of our line of limited edition scarves to benefit the Genetic Medicine Clinic of the University of  the University of Washington Department of Medicine.

Learn more about Robin and her work.

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Partner Opportunities

Geraldine Ondrizek frequently collaborates with research teams to create new work dedicated to the questions of life’s origins, life cycles, and ethical issues related to genetics and the possibility to unravel genetic conditions.

Please contact us to discuss the goals for your organization, and how together we can bridge science and art to promote awareness and fund your organization.